Cinelinx’s Most Anticipated Summer Movies (2021)

As we’ve done in year’s past, we’re discussing the films we’re most excited to see this Summer, and what you should keep on your radar!

After a strange, strange year at the movies, the Summer Movie Season is back this year and playing catch-up. As such, we’re really excited to be able to look forward to some big blockbusters over the next few months once again. To that end, we’ve tasked our contributors to break down the FIVE films they’re most looking forward to this Summer season (which we’re counting as May through the end of August).

Perhaps their choices will mirror your own, or give you some new films (or ones you forgot were coming) to put on your list to watch. Check out their picks and tell us which films you’re looking forward to the most this Summer movie season.


Free Guy – I’ve been eager to get my eyeballs on this one since last year, and each trailer we’ve seen for it has only looked more impressive. From the on point humor, the general idea, and overall feel, Free Guy feels like it has all the makings of a surprise blockbuster hit. At the very least, it just looks like pure fun that will have a smile on my face throughout.

Jungle Cruise – To be entirely honest, I had absolutely no interest in this film when it was first announced. I love The Rock, but having little interest in the Disney Ride, I didn’t understand the point. Then the trailer hit last year, and I immediately understood why Disney was setting this up as a big Summer release. There looks to be plenty of action, adventure, and humor, almost feeling like the old Brendan Fraser Mummy movie combined with a dash of Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones. It feels like a tough combo to beat.

Black Widow – If you had asked me last year about my excitement level for Black Widow, it would have been, so-so. Now, however, I’m just hyped as can be for the chance to see a Marvel movie on the big screen. WandaVision and The Falcon and Winter Soldier have helped fill the gap, but there’s no denying the joy of sitting down for the next major MCU film.

The Suicide Squad – I’ve been hyped for The Suicide Squad since it was officially announced James Gunn was handling it. After seeing the first official trailer, and all of these “villains” in action I’m practically vibrating with excitement. This movie has some fun potential to deliver on both a great story and something we won’t forget. Plus, I’m very eager to see Harley back in action!

Pixar’s Luca – Pixar always brings the goods when it comes to their films, and I’m still reeling from how impressive Soul turned out to be. Luca, looks to be another winner. More than that, I’m big on my “monster/myth” stories, which this seems to dive into. And that’s not to mention how much I’m thoroughly digging the art style this time around; almost capturing a stop-motion/hand animated feel to it. I can’t wait to enjoy this with my little one.


The Suicide Squad – Without a doubt, The Suicide Squad is going to be the most unpredictable, out-of-left-field film of 2021 and I can’t wait for it. It includes an incredible cast of Viola Davis, Idris Elba, John Cena, Margot Robbie, Peter Capaldi, Joel Kinnamon, Pete Davidson, Sylvester Stallone, and so many more. However, what gets me even more excited is that James Gunn is the person directing this film and he’s been given the greenlight to take out any and all characters. This concept is unlike anything we’ve seen in a superhero flick so far and I for one can’t wait.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It – If you’ve been following for a while now. First of all, thank you so much. Second, you’ll know that Jordan and I are big ol’ babies when it comes to horror flicks. So, it may come as a surprise that The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is on this list. Well, let me tell you it’s not for me, but for my wife and Jordan’s girlfriend who will no doubt make us watch this film at night with all the lights out.

That aside, The Conjuring series is one of the best horror series that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s produced some unique and iconic demonic villains that have gone on to have films of their own. Much like the previous Conjuring films, this one is based on true case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren about a murderer who claims to have been possessed during a murder a murder in broad daylight. It will no doubt feature all of the insane, mind-bending horror that will no doubt have both Jordan and I huddled in the corner rocking in the fetal position while our significant others shame us.

F9 – The family is back and they’re adding more family! The 9th mainline Fast and Furious film releases this summer and it looks to be just as ridiculous as the previous entries in the franchise. With this 9th film, we see the addition of John Cena as Dom’s estranged brother whom for literally 8 films has never been mentioned.

From the trailers, it appears these two will butt heads, but will they become family again in the end? I don’t know but there are insane stunts with cars that include a makeshift space shuttle with a rocket strapped to a car with duct tape. So yeah, I’m in. I’m so very much in.

Free Guy – Man, I can’t wait for Free Guy. As both a gamer and Ryan Reynolds fan this movie looks fantastic. It takes your everyday run-of-the-mill NPC found in literally every video game and awakens them to become an unprecedented badass. Free Guy is the kind of action-comedy I’m all about and it’s one of my most anticipated movies of the year.

Army of the Dead – As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of wimp when it comes to horror. However, zombie movies are the exception. I am always down for a great zombie film. Although, you’ll likely find me cringing during all parts of the film.

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead seems like a pretty unique zombie film I can get behind. It takes place in a zombie infested Las Vegas with a cast of characters, including Dave Bautista, performing a heist. Which, by the way, I love heist movies. So, heists with zombies? Oh man, let’s go!


Pixar’s Luca – I love me a good Pixar film! After being a little disappointed with Soul and much more impressed with Disney’s Raya, I am hoping Luca will be lucky number 3 and become one of my new Disney Pixar favorites! The trailers always make me feel warm-fuzzy, but I am hopeful that there aren’t too many before the film’s release – it is nice to not have all the funny parts spoiled before we get to see the full feature length film!

Black Widow – It feels like I have been waiting my whole life to see this movie! Black Widow is one of the first female spy/assassin-type stories I was ever introduced to and I feel like it is finally Natasha’s time to shine! We have learned snippets about her life here and there but I am hoping this film will do a deep enough dive into her intriguing background to really pack the punch it deserves.

Cruella – I must admit I was hesitant when I heard that Emma Stone was taking the lead on this one, not for any particularly good reason, but mainly because I couldn’t envision her in the role. After seeing a couple of trailers, Emma has me convinced that she is going to blow us all away with this performance! And if not, I will still be happy to see my girl Emma Thompson rock the big screen as she does so infallibly every time.

A Quiet Place: Part II – I enjoyed A Quiet Place more than I anticipated, if only for the unique story concept and stellar cast. This is enough for me to look forward to Part II, though I am a little nervous and hoping I won’t come out thinking “I wish they would have quit while they were ahead” as I have with many other sequels.

Respect – Besides Luca, I am probably most excited for Respect. Jennifer Hudson plays the legendary Aretha Franklin in this long-overdue biographical drama. Like so many, I have always been blown away by Aretha and think Jennifer Hudson is an excellent choice for the role. All I’m askin’ (for this summer), is for a little Respect!


F9: There was a time where I never thought I’d see the day I’d be so excited for a Fast and Furious movie, but after binge watching most of the series, here we are! This will be the first mainline Fast and Furious film I’ll be seeing in theaters since Fast Five and I’m so excited about it. I’m still not sure how I feel about John Cena being introduced as Dom’s hitherto unseen and unmentioned brother but I have faith the film will give some kind of explanation. Really I just want to see Cipher get what’s coming to her.

Pixar’s Luca: I was initially on the fence about Luca due to its art style but then I saw what the film is actually ABOUT and realized: oh, I definitely need to see this film. Don’t sleep on this film because Disney is kicking it straight to Disney+, this could easily be one of the best animated films this summer and you all need to see it. The story of Luca and his friend spending a summer keeping such a secret….I can’t wait to see how it ends.

In the Heights: I was sold on this movie the instant I knew they were adapting another musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’ve never heard one second of this music, but if Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved (you know, the guy who gave us Hamilton??) then sign me up. This is the show Miranda did BEFORE Hamilton, set in Washington Heights, where the various residents of a largely Dominican neighborhood sing about their lives during the course of a three day drama. Anthony Ramos (also from Hamilton) is starring and I’m so excited to see this.

The Green Knight: I’m a big fan of Arthurian legend, so I was really excited that a film was being made that adapted the story of Gawain and the Green Knight. The gist is that Gawain meets the Green Knight who challenges him to give him a blow and in a year and a day he will return to give one in return. Gawain chops off the knight’s head, only for the knight to pick his head up and announce that he will return in a year and a day. The film looks spectacular and I’ve been waiting to see this film ever since it was announced, especially since the pandemic pushed it way back. This could easily be a sleeper hit this summer, as it looks really, really good.


The Wrath of Man – Ok, so its not technically a summer movie (its coming out this week), but I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Guy Ritchie will do next with his trademark bloody-but-funny style that he seemed to have found again with The Gentlemen. Jason Statham is a perfect actor for Guy Ritchie and we need zero convincing that he has the capabilities shown in the film. This movie seems like a David Ayers Police revenge thriller, which I’m also all about. Also, Josh Hartnett..?!?

F9  I like movies, but I also like cars. The Fast and the Furious franchise has been very kind to me in that regard. I know they get more and more ridiculous, but if you accept that the physics are wonky going in then there is very little to worry about. Its just a matter of sitting back, relaxing, and watching the fireworks….but also Vin Diesel talk about family while strapping a jet pack to back of a Pontiac Fiero for some reason….

Old – I’m always willing to roll the dice with M. Night Shyamalan. Even if Glass was a bit of a disappointment, I was excited to watch it. This new film seems like a return to the type of horror-thrillers that made him famous in the first place. Even if I don’t know what it’s really about yet, I can’t wait to figure out what the twist will be!

The Green Knight – I am a big fan of King Arthur and his legend, so of course I want to see this film. I’m really interested to see what Dev Patel does with this type of role because it seems like something different and I’m excited for him if it works out well. This is also one of those films that seems like we have been waiting forever to see, so it will be exciting to actually get that chance! No, I didn’t just jinx it.

Reminiscence – The plot of this film reads like a secret Christopher Nolan project (indeed, Jonathan Nolan is producer). They really don’t want to give much away. But that is what makes it so fascinating. When a studio keeps the concept of a film secret, it just means they think they have a really great idea. With Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson involved, I’m sure it is. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan did a great job with Westworld, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

There’s a WHOLE bunch to look forward to as we head back to the movie theaters. Which Summer film are you most excited to see?