Geek Pick of the Week: Titanic 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition 4K Ultra HD

Titanic has finally set sail onto 4K Ultra HD, and Paramount’s incredible 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition has landed our Geek Pick of the Week.

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Titanic has long been one of my all time favorite films. As a kid, I was obsessed with the history of the wreck, checking out all sorts of books/NatGeo documentaries about it from my local libraries (yes, I was that kind of nerd). When the film launched in the late 90s, I was blown away at seeing my fascination come to life in such a vivid way.

As I’ve grown older, the film has only continued to improve with multiple re-watching as I was better able to appreciate the character work and storytelling behind it all. I’ve been waiting a long time for the film to finally make the jump to the 4K format and was drooling over the Collector’s Edition Paramount announced in October. So you can imagine the squeal of delight that emanated when I found this sitting on my doorstep.

This thing comes loaded up with fun stuff for fans of both fans of the film and general Titanic nerds like myself. I was so over the moon, I had to make a quick unboxing video to show it all off:

I’m not going to sit here and belabor the film’s finer points. After 25 years there’s a good chance you’ve already formed an opinion on the film. If you’ve somehow avoided it after all these years definitely give it a watch (maybe don’t buy the collector’s edition right off the bat).

The point is, this certainly feels like the “definitive” release of Titanic. On top of remastering the film in 4K (which is insanely gorgeous by the way) and including previous bonus features, it brings together a host of new special features made specifically for this release. I haven’t had the time to dive into all of them just yet, but the ones I’ve started seem to offer some great new perspective on what’s already there. There’s nothing mind-blowing, but it’s a blast to see the cast/creators sharing their thoughts all these years later.

The point is, between all the new and old bonus features along with the excellent transfer, this is absolutely the best version of Titanic out there, just in terms of what you get on the discs. When you add in the coffee table book and fun inserts/collectibles, it’s a must have for film fans and collectors.

It’s just…neat. Anyone opening this up on Christmas day would be absolutely delighted and thus makes for a perfect gift giving option. Even if you can’t swing the more expensive Collector’s Edition don’t skip out on the regular 4K Ultra HD release, both of which hit on December 5th.

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