Horror-Thriller Longlegs Gets a Spine-Chilling Teaser

The first trailer for Longlegs has arrived and it brings all the creepy vibes you can handle…and then some.

It’s not often that a mere trailer is able to give me the bona fide heebie jeebies. Yet this first teaser for Osgood Perkins’ Longlegs manages to be effortlessly eerie.

While it’s a quick teaser that mostly relies on “vibes” there’s no denying how effective it is. Managing to leave me both wanting more and terrified of the possibility.

FBI Agent Lee Harker (Monroe) is a gifted new recruit assigned to the unsolved case of an elusive serial killer (Cage). As the case takes complex turns, unearthing evidence of the occult, Harker discovers a personal connection to the merciless killer and must race against time to stop him before he claims the lives of another innocent family.

Longlegs hits theaters on July 12, 2024.

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Jordan Maison
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