‘Quasi’ Comes Exclusively to Hulu Next Month

Quasi, a farcical tale about a medieval hunchback, will be arriving on Hulu next month.

Searchlight Pictures announced earlier today that Quasi, a comedy about a hunchback living in medieval France, will be premiering exclusively on Hulu on April 20, 2023. Contrary to my original thought, this is not a twisted rip-off off The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which also features a hunchback in medieval France). Instead, Quasi focuses on the titular hunchback who finds himself in quite the dilemma as you can see in the trailer below:

The summary actually describe’s Quasi’s dilemma perfectly:

A hapless hunchback yearns for love, but finds himself in the middle of a murderous feud between the Pope and the king of France when each orders the hunchback to kill the other.

What do you think about the trailer for Quasi?

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Becky O'Brien
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