The ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’ Film Has Found Its Writer

The film adaptation of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has taken a major step forward by finding a writer.

It was reported earlier today by The Hollywood Reporter that a writer has been located for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Per their report, the story will be written by Ana Nogueira. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Nogueira previously wrote a treatment for a Supergirl movie in 2022 back when there were plans to have a standalone film starring Sasha Calle.

There is still no director attached to Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and the plot is being kept tightly under wraps. However, it is known that the story is being adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, which sees Supergirl assisting a young girl in a quest of revenge across the galaxy.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is intended to be the first DC film in the new slate from James Gunn and Peter Safran. It will be interesting to see how this film takes shape.

What do you think of this latest update for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow?

SOURCEThe Hollywood Reporter
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