Bluey Returns This Summer With “Minisodes”

Don’t fret parents/fans, more Bluey is on the horizon in the form of Minisodes that will debut on Disney Jr. and Disney+ this July.

With the recent launch of Bluey‘s first extended special, The Sign, and it’s surprise follow-up, “Surprise,” fans of the children’s series have wondered at its fate. Thankfully, we’ll be getting more Bluey action before too long in the form of 20 “Bluey Minisodes” this Summer.

It feels weird to report on a children’s animated series like this, but I’ll be damned if Bluey isn’t one of the best animated shows out there…period. It’s touching, poignant, and teaches vital lessons to kids in a unique way that appeals to all ages. It’s just a hoot. With The Sign and Surprise ending the way they did, and no word on the future of the series, some fans (myself included) have been concerned about when we might see the lovable family once more. Hopefully these minisodes in July will satisfy the craving until word comes about a new season.

Disney Branded Television has announced brand-new “Bluey Minisodes” coming this July to Disney Jr. and Disney+. The collection includes 20 one- to three-minute shorts written by “Bluey” creator Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio. The “Bluey Minisodes” highlight funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and Bingo, leaning into playful interactions and games that further explore the characters and world of “Bluey.”


Global phenomenon “Bluey” premiered its first extended-length special, “The Sign,” in April. It ranks as both the most-viewed “Bluey” and Disney Jr. episode premiere ever, with 10.4 million views**.


Created and written by Joe Brumm, the series follows Bluey, a lovable and inexhaustible blue heeler dog who lives with her Mum, Dad, and little sister, Bingo. Bluey uses her limitless energy to play games that unfold in unpredictable and hilarious ways, bringing her family and the whole neighborhood into her world of fun. Produced by the multiple Emmy® Award-winning Ludo Studio for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BBC Studios Kids & Family, the series airs and streams to U.S. and global audiences (outside of Australia, New Zealand and China) across Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney+ through a global broadcasting deal between BBC Studios Kids & Family and Disney Branded Television.

No firm date set just yet, but the Bluey Minisodes will debut this July 2024.

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