First Trailer for Prime Video’s Reacher Series is Pretty Great

This afternoon brings our first trailer (and release date) for Amazon’s upcoming Jack Reacher series, which looks to whip a surprising amount of ass.

To tell it to you honestly, I had pretty much zero interest in Reacher when it was first announced (and pretty much all through it’s development). For one, the Jack Reacher stories aren’t generally my thing—moreso than just about any other military/real world stories, but still—and I wasn’t thrilled by the Tom Cruise movies.

I was content to simply let this Reacher series play out in the background while I focused on/enjoyed other stuff. But now there’s this kick-ass trailer and suddenly, my plans have changed:

Alan Ritchson looks perfect for this role, and does an excellent job of making it feel like the character pulled straight out of the books. Combine that with some decent humor and impressive action, and I’m ready to give this a shot.

Reacher hits Prime Video on February 4, 2022.

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