First Two Episodes of ‘Star Wars: Andor’ To Be Shown on ABC, FX, Freeform & Hulu This Thanksgiving

Star Wars: Andor will soon be available to a much wider audience as the first two episodes are to be shown outside of Disney+.

While the new Star Wars content has hitherto been limited to Disney+, that is about to change. It was announced earlier today that Disney will be making the first two episodes of Star Wars: Andor available on multiple platforms during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Andor episodes “Kassa” and “That Would Be Me” will be made available on the following schedule over the Thanksgiving holiday, with Hulu offering an extended streaming window:

ABC:  Wednesday November 23,  9-10:30 pm ET/PT

FX:  Thursday, November 24, 9-10:30 pm ET/PT

Freeform:  Friday, November 25, 9-10:30 pm ET/PT 

Hulu:  Available from November 23 through December 7 

This is the first time a new Star Wars series will be available outside of Disney+, and hopefully it won’t be the last time either.

Will you be watching?


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