Marvel Provides Updates on Upcoming Animated Series

During a press event last night, Marvel gave some updates on upcoming 2024 animated series including a title change for Spider-Man and an all new Wakanda show!

Last night, Marvel held a special screening where they showed off two episodes from Marvel’s What If…? season two. During the event, the filmmakers did a quick Q&A where they announced season three of What If…? is currently in the works, but that’s not all.

Brad Winderbaum (the head of streaming, television and animation for Marvel Studios) took the stage to offer attendees a special look at what’s coming next via a swanky sizzle reel. There they showed highlights of things to expect in 2024. This included X-Men ’97, as well as Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. This is a new title for the previously announced Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

There was also one major surprise in the announcement for Eyes of Wakanda, a new animated series that’s been secretly in the works and described as follows:

Throughout Wakandan history, brave warriors have been tasked to travel the world retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts. This is their story.

Hopefully we’ll get more specific details and looks at these shows soon (especially since they’re all arriving next year). It’s also a tad curious that the already announced Marvel’s Zombie’s spin-off series wasn’t discussed. Either way, it looks like Marvel is going all out for animation.

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