My Adventures With Superman Returns in May; Full Season 2 Trailer Revealed

Warner Bros. and Adult Swim have revealed the first trailer for the second season of My Adventures With Superman, revealing a May premiere date!

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting more My Adventures With Superman, you won’t have to wait much longer (thankfully). Today, Adult Swim and WB announced the second season of the animated show is coming back on May 25th, while also dropping a trailer to tease what the new season has in store.

If you missed out on the first season of this series, I strongly encourage you to login to Max and watch it now. It’s easily my favorite Superman storytelling in a long time. It balances the origin mythos and serious themes with a lighthearted approach that makes each episode a damn delight. I’m definitely ready for more!

Season two of the hit animated series based on DC characters, “My Adventures with Superman,” will premiere Saturday, May 25, at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim. From Warner Bros. Animation, “My Adventures with Superman” is a serialized coming-of-age story centered on twenty-somethings Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as they discover who they are, together. Starring Jack Quaid as the voice of Superman/Clark Kent, Alice Lee as the voice of Lois Lane, and Ishmel Sahid as the voice of Jimmy Olsen, the official trailer and key art also debuted today.


In the latest season, the three best friends face a host of new threats. Powerful foes will emerge from Clark’s alien past, Amanda Waller will take aim at Superman, Lois will grapple with the future, and Jimmy Olsen will spend an unbelievable amount of money. Krypton is coming for our young heroes, and its arrival will test their strength, loyalty, and love like never before.


Sam Register (“Teen Titans Go!”) serves as executive producer. Jake Wyatt (“Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus”) and Brendan Clogher (“Voltron: Legendary Defender”) serve as co-executive producers and showrunners. Josie Campbell (“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”) serves as co-producer.

Season two of My Adventures With Superman will premiere with a double-episode on Adult Swim on May 25, 2024 at midnight ET/PT, with new episodes arriving weekly every Saturday after that. They will also be streaming on Max the following Sunday.

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