Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Coming to Netflix Next Month

The 30th (!!!) season of Power Rangers is coming to Netflix at the end of September along with a familiar face.

Hasbro’s entertainment studio, eOne, today announced that Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will debut exclusively on Netflix on September 29, 2023, bringing the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast member, David Yost, to the galactic-themed series as his original character, Billy Cranston.

For the first time in nearly three decades, Power Rangers is entering into a third season with the same core cast of Rangers: Russell Curry (Zayto); Hunter Deno (Amelia Jones); Kai Moya (Ollie Akana); Tessa Rao (Izzy Garcia); Chance Perez (Javi Garcia); Jordon Fite (Aiyon) and Jacqueline Joe (Fern). The Dino Fury Rangers are going to space with new powers, new costumes, new weapons, and, of course, new Zords! As a core character, appearing in all ten episodes of the series, Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston played by David Yost will assist the Cosmic Fury team in fighting Lord Zedd.

In Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Lord Zedd has escaped, and this time his rampage extends to the farthest reaches of space! The Rangers need to find new Zords and new powers to face Zedd’s latest threat, and they won’t do so alone. Joined by some familiar faces, they will discover the power of the Cosmic Orbs and become the Cosmic Fury Rangers, armed with new uniforms, new weapons, and an entirely new fleet of Zords! Go Go, Power Rangers!

Inspired by Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Hasbro released the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Cosmic Morpher, now available at Target, Amazon and Entertainment Earth. The Cosmic Morpher is an electronic role play toy that uses unique sound-scanning technology that will “listen” to Power Rangers episodes playing on your tv, tablet, and more and react to what it “hears,” letting kids to interact and imagine that they’re morphin into action as Power Rangers!

You can watch Power Rangers Cosmic Fury on Netflix starting September 29, 2023.

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