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In the recent Playstation State of Play, we got to see 9 minutes of extended gameplay footage of their upcoming exclusive Bethesda title, Deathloop. I wasn’t watching the event for anything but this game, and of course, I wasn’t disappointed. There are some people that are still on the fence about the game though. Well, I am here to give you five reasons why everyone should be excited about this game, so let’s dive in…


If you are a new Bethesda fan or have never played the Dishonored series, I am here to inform you that not only have you been missing out, but everyone can play their games! One of the key elements behind Dishonored was being sneaky and smooth, but you didn’t have to play the game like that, depending on the skill sets you would choose, you could go from being a ninja to being a tank in just seconds.

Deathloop is looking to pull a ton of these elements into its universe, just like in one of the descriptions for the game, certain areas or missions are more suited to a stealthy, panther-like approach, while others are just begging for the razzle-dazzle of an explosive entrance. This does not mean the mission has to be played that way but is more suggested to succeed. I can tell you, no matter the scenario I will for sure be making my Leeroy Jenkins entrance no matter the mission or task.



Before we play Deathloop, we need to go ahead and get ready to die…a lot. The great thing about this game is the strategy you will gain from every death. Each time you die, you have the opportunity to learn more and uncover more secrets of the island. One of the best ways to learn in Arkan games is looting and exploring. In Deathloop, exploration is a huge part of the game, not only will you see literally writing on the walls from previous versions of yourself, but you will also have the chance to gather information for enemies in the world.

This world and its gameplay style are perfect for sneaking up on enemies, but one of the key gameplay factors is being able to listen to the conversations of others, gathering vital information on where your targets will be, and finding the best way to take these high-value targets down. No matter where you are on the island, there will always be information that can help you find your target and information that other enemies will be chatting about that can lead you along your way to find and kill the 8 Visionaries.

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Arkane has always had a fascinating art style and some of the best musical scores in their games. Deathloop is looking to have a more 1960’s modern style to the game, this style lines in perfect with some of the most icon 60’s action films of all time. During the 1960’s one of the most iconic film sagas was the Bond films. These films not only had great art direction but had amazing musical scores.

With Deathloop’s universe set in this fashion and style, we can only expect the game to have some references and action in-game that will make the players feel like a total Bondesque badass. Sneaking in or going full-on 007 modes on your enemy’s asses while having amazing music like the recently released “Deja VU” theme for the game makes me think this game is going to be full of badass 1960 style action moments.

Some might not think this is a huge deal, but I think we can all agree that the 007 films are and will go down as some of the best action films of all time, so if we can get this type of action in-game with that theme, I’m all about this game!

Bethesda Shares Never-Before-Seen Concept Art for DISHONORED Team's Upcoming Shooter DEATHLOOP - Gameplay Mechanix


One of your 8 targets you must takedown in the game is the very cunning and skillful Julianna Blake. Julianna’s job in the game is to keep you, Colt “The Captain” Vahn, second-guessing every decision and killing you before you take down the other seven targets and break the time loop. Though she can be mainly controlled by the AI system, she can also be controlled by your friends at any point during your campaign playthrough.

This “invasion” style mode was also meant to be released for another Bethesda title, DOOM Eternal, but was recently announced by Marty Stratton (id Software executive producer) to be scrapped due to remote work during the pandemic. When this mode was announced for DOOM Eternal, I was very excited to invade my friend’s campaign and make their playthrough that much harder.

Now that this game mode is alive and well in another Bethesda title, this will make for some very fun and challenging gameplay for players. Not only will it be a challenge for you in your campaign, but this will be the perfect competition for you and your friends. Having the ability to take your friend down during their campaign run-through, holding them back from completing missions, and even going as far as trolling your friends in key moments in the game is sounding better and better each day.

Deathloop: Weltpremiere auf der E3 - Shooter-sZene


One feature coming to the game, that not a lot have talked about, is the addition of Dualsense support. This isn’t going to be just some run-of-the-mill rumble, the controller is going to make the world feel alive in your hands. For example, when it comes to haptic feedback, some guns will actually let you feel every round as you reload.

The haptic feedback in the controller will also let you feel the difference in every move you make, depending on the environment, you will actually feel the difference in the controller while running, climbing, and etc. Just like in Astros Playroom, players will even be able to feel the difference in the type of surfaces they are on.

The adaptive trigger will come into play as well, just like in Activision’s recent COD Cold War, depending on the weapon you are using you will actually feel the difference in the triggers. Light weapons will be much easier on your fingers, but heavy weapons will need more force and you can feel every shot in the triggers!


Older, more rusty-style weapons will also have the ability to jam on the player. This means you can see and feel that your weapon had jammed, making the experience even more engaging and life-like.

Lastly, the game will launch with full 4k/60fps support on PS5 and PC. That means all players will be able to enjoy this game in the highest graphical power available on most consoles today. 4K/60 FPS support isn’t always my biggest concern, but the fact that I will be able to explore this amazing artistic-styled world in the crispiest visuals I can, is going to make the game that much more enticing.

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about when Deathloop launches on September 14th. Though the game is exclusive for the time being, September of next year will open the flood games for Xbox gamers since the game is going to be a timed exclusive.

I can also bet that the game will not only be coming to Xbox next year but it will for sure be launching for free on Xbox GamePass when it does makes its way to Xbox! So if you read this and don’t have a PC or PS5, just be patient, the game will eventually be coming to your favorite console later next year.

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