7 Life Simulation Games to Add to Your PC Game Library Today

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It’s a good time to be a connoisseur of indie games, and if you’re not sure which ones to add to your library…we’re here to help!

As smaller studios have found easier and bigger ways into the public eye, that means I have more games than I care to admit added to my wishlist just waiting for the right push to purchase (and get added to my backlog).

So consider this my push for you if you’ve been on the fence about picking up any of these titles, or are simply looking for a new game to add to your library.

Dave the Diver

This title just dropped on Steam for PC in the last few weeks and it’s been an amazing addition to my game library. Dave the Diver offers a truly unique place in the management simulation genre with its genuinely goofy cast of characters and ability to make its small world feel absolutely humungous.

Explore the deep sea during the day (and that includes fighting aggro marine life and other humans) to collect the ingredients needed to run your sushi restaurant at night. Uncover the mystery of the Deep Blue Hole and its mythical (and ginormous) inhabitants in my most recent game obsession.

Genre: Adventure RPG, Management Simulation | Price: $19.99 | Platforms: PC

Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha takes life and farming sim back to a prehistoric place; back to when concepts of togetherness and community were still burgeoning. The title released earlier this year and it’s a delight. It’s been a breath of fresh air to play through in its own take on the life sim genre.

Genre: Life Sim, Farm Sim | Price: $24.99 | Platforms: PC


Kynseed is a life sim RPG that has been an absolute blast. The game is developed by PixelCount Studios, which was started by some former Fable developers. It released into early access in 2018 and officially launched in December 2022.

“You’ve been given the Kynseed, a mystical acorn that grows into a family tree where your choices manifest in its branches,” developers described the game in a press release. “Raise a family, farm the land, run shops, and explore the world as its inhabitants age around you. When you die, step into the shoes of your children and continue your legacy. In this beautifully hand-crafted world an epic tale of adventure and ambition will unravel around you as you discover the secrets of the land of Quill and its cast of memorable characters.”

Genre: Life Sim, Farming Sim, Sandbox RPG | Price: 24.99 | Platforms: PC

Potion Permit

Potion Permit is an absolute gem in the life sim and management genre. You will find yourself a pariah amongst a village with a deep mistrust of science, but through a kind and helpful healing touch you will uncover the mystery behind the animosity. You’ll manage your own chemistry shop and clinic, diagnosing and curing ailments through your own potions.

Genre: Sim RPG | Price: $19.99 / Demo available  | Platforms: PC, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch

Travellers Rest

Traveller’s Rest has undergone a complete metamorphosis since I first picked it up in July 2020. The title began as a solo project for a developer named Louqou. In 2021, they brought in Isolated Games to take care of development. In the two years since that news, Isolated Games took Louqou’s vision and has continued fine-tuning the tavern sim into a game that’s difficult to put down.

Genre: Life Sim, Farming Sim  | Price: $14.99 | Platforms: PC

Bear and Breakfast

Words cannot describe the charm that developers at Gummy Cat have infused into the laid-back and fucking adorable management adventure game that is Bear and Breakfast. You’ll play as Hank to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the Timber Crossing, the Thicket and the world that surrounds it.

Genre: Management Simulation | Price: $19.99 | Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Sun Haven

Sun Haven brings an entire world to life in a format we love: building a farm while also building relationships with the town at large. Sun Haven has a fun cast of characters and a vibrant world that is absolutely worth exploring, whether it be solo or with up to 7 other players (8 all together!).

The game fully launched earlier this year after a stint in early access, and developers are hard at work implementing tons of new content including an epilogue, new romanceable characters, a museum, seasonal events and more.

Genre: Farming Sim, Multiplayer | Price: $24.99 | Platforms: PC

If that’s not enough for you, here are some other indie titles on always showing up on my “Recently Played” tab on Steam: Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, Don’t Starve Together, Oxygen Not Included, Stardew ValleyRaft.

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