MSI Launches New Infinited and Aegis RS Series Gaming Desktops

MSI introduces the next-generation of their gaming desktops designed to work for newcomers and more experienced PC gamers alike.

If you’re looking to pick up a gaming desktop this holiday season, MSI has just launched two new options: the Infinite RS and Aegis RS series. Both of these new desktops are built with the newly released 14th Gen Intel Core Series processors, along with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards. So they come out of the box with some impressive stuff, but designed to be easy to upgrade for all skill levels:

MSI Infinite and Aegis Series desktops are assembled in the United States primarily with MSI- branded components, bringing excellent compatibility and reliability in one package. Using non-proprietary PC components gives users a DIY approach to PC gaming with the option to easily update or service the system, increasing its longevity.


These are great options for entry-level gamers looking to take their gaming to the next level without the knowledge to build their PC. They also provide enthusiast-level gamers with cutting-edge hardware to play with the best of the best, with the added confidence of a unified manufacturer warranty compared to building their system from various parts.

The Aegis Series is a serious weapon for improving your gaming career. Assembled in the USA with high-end, quality parts, the Aegis RS has a DIY PC feel and is easy to upgrade and repair due to standard form factor components. The stylish and brilliant RGB fans behind the tempered glass panels of the Aegis series chassis add flair to the otherwise understated design. With configurations ranging up to an Intel® Core™ i9-14900KF and up to MSI RTX™ 4080 graphics card, the Aegis RS can handle 1440p gaming with a vast performance improvement compared to previous generations.

The Infinite Series is back and better than ever, meant for those looking to unlock the ultimate experience modern gaming has to offer. Infinite RS is the perfect PC for diehards such as modders who aren’t afraid to change texture packs, customize UI, and create content to make their gaming adventures their own.


Infinite RS is premiering with a new chassis design loaded with a wide variety of features designed to improve the users’ overall experience and better the performance of the entire computer system. The desktop has four 140mm ARGB fans with ample room for large 360mm liquid cooling radiators. Moreover, the front panel is composed of a perforated “mesh”-like design that encourages airflow into the system.


This is especially important due to the top-tier components housed inside, with configurations up to an Intel® Core™ i9-14900KF CPU and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 GPU. To push performance to the highest extremes, the Infinite RS will have a unique configuration featuring the MSI RTX™ 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X graphics card, a liquid-cooled version of the RTX™ 4090.


The high-end design takes ease of use to the next level, featuring sturdy 3mm thick tempered glass on the left panel with the ability to hinge open on each side easily. This gives quick access to internal components, making maintenance, expandability, and system upgrades a breeze. Small quality-of-life choices are plenty, such as a dedicated LED button to let users change RGB lighting settings while still keeping their reset button functionality. Further configuration can be done through the MSI Center software to provide new lighting options and allow users to configure system resources and optimize the system to their needs.

Both the Infinite RS and Aegis RS models are available now from Amazon and

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