Rebellion Shocked us at E3 2019 | Our Gameplay Impressions

We were pretty busy this E3, but there is one company that always have to make time for and that is Rebellion. Not only does the team love to create games, the love publishing unique/different games more than any development team I know.

That being said, outside of checking out Evil Genius 2 (Received The Cinelinx Best of E3 Nominee Award) we checked out two amazing titles that are now on my Top Dark Horse Games of E3 2019 list and those games are Sniper Elite VR and Zombie Army 4.

Both of these games exude what Rebellion is best known for, making really fun games. Although not everyone can play Sniper Elite VR, this addition to the series will not only make fans happy…but we feel it could possibly sell some VR units because of it crazy, Nazi-killing gameplay.

Zombie Army 4, on the other hand, is totally one of those titles I could see ordering a bunch of pizza and playing at the couch for 24 hours straight. This game is the epitome of what video games should be today, crazy over-the-top fun that can be enjoyed online with friends.

To hear our full impressions on this title please watch the video and comment below what you think about these game what you want to see from Rebellion next!