Welcome back to another video; this time around, we are here for something special! Just a few weeks ago, Tokyo Underground Killer was announced, and when I heard the background of this development team, I had to know more about this game!

Not only does this studio has a hand in making some of the best action games on the market, but they enlisted the only @Andrew Hulshult to do the music composition! So, with that said, let’s find out a bit more about this title before it releases next year! Thank you again to Phoenix Game Production for letting us do this interview!

Take a deep dive into the criminal underground of Tokyo as the feared “Shinjuku Vampire” Kobayashi. Equipped with a mystical sword and supernatural powers fueled by the blood of his fallen enemies, Kobayashi takes out Tokyo’s craziest lunatics for just the right price.

However, as Tokyo gets overrun by the mysterious Flatliners, a new world of insanity and depravity opens up in front of Kobayashi.

・Unrelenting combat forces you to make quick decisions or get slaughtered by your foes
・An arsenal of 13 blood skills, seven weapons and an extremely sharp sword is the key to your survival
・Explore a surreal, neon-drenched version of Tokyo based on real locations like Shinjuku, Akihabara or Shibuya
・Suck in the blood of your enemies to replenish your health and stay alive a little longer
・A bizarre story brought to live in dynamic manga scenes drawn by Hans “Heavy Metal Hanzo” Steinbach
・Over 1 hour of original electronic music composed by the legendary Andrew Hulshult
・Even the busiest killer needs to relax sometimes – Explore Shinjuku between missions, buy collectibles and goods and use them to decorate your apartment
・A bizarre world filled with crazy characters

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