We are only two weeks away from finally getting our hand on Arkane Studios Deathloop. With the launch right around the corner, Sony and Bethesda just released the perfect hype trailer for PS5 owners. The game will not only feature visuals running at 4K/60FPS, but we will get the immersive feel that only the Playstation 5 can offer. The game will fully immerse players in the game with help from the Playstation 5’s Dualsense controller.

No matter what gun you shot or where you go in this game, Deathloop will make you feel like the world is coming alive in your hand with the Adaptive Trigger and Haptic Feedback Dualsence support. The game is set to release September 14th, Exclusively for Playstation 5 and we will be all over this game at launch. Make sure to check back here, our TikTok, and Youtube page for our thought and gameplay soon!


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