Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Developers Get In-Depth About Bioware RPG Elements

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf developers have done something I haven’t seen very often, they have gone into great detail about how the game is being developed.

Covering everything from a “1 Pager” to problem statements to prototypes and UX design, the blog post is made by several key Bioware developers to discuss the importance of every step in the design process. The blog post breaks down the different areas that going into designing an RPG game, and half way through the post you realize a character doesn’t even begin to start until several reports later.

The post does a great job of showcasing the steps in every stage of a games development, and it event goes into showcasing how they work alongside the Frostbite engine. It’s pretty interesting to see how the game went from a bunch of paper reports and surveys to skill trees in two different engines, to an actual design. The developer comments also provide great insight to understand what the hell is going on. I felt like I learned something, and someone that’s just starting out in game development might find the post insanely helpful.

Check it out then come back and explain some things in English, we’d appreciate it!


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