ExoPrimal Season 2 Content Coming October 18th With New Map, Modes, and More

During today’s Capcom TGS livestream event, it was finally revealed that ExoPrimals Season 2 Content is dropping on October 18th! The content consists of the Street Fighter 6 crossover content, a new map, new rigs, a new 10-player co-op final mission, and more!

This long-awaited content brings fans more than enough reasons to jump back into the universe of ExoPrimal. As said in my initial review, ExoPrimal is a wonderful multiplayer experience for any level of gamer and I stand by that claim, especially with the upcoming DLC. Check out the full list of content below and check out the trailer as well.

Exoprimal Title Update 2 and Season 2 content includes:

  • Street Fighter 6 Collaboration: In this crossover, World Warriors transform into special Exosuit skins for Deadeye (Ryu), Zephyr (Guile), and Vigilant (Chun-Li). Exofighters can also hit the streets of Bikitoa Island with Street Fighter-themed cosmetics, including emotes, Exosuit decals, Comm Wheel stamps, and charms.
  • New Co-op Final Mission: In Escape missions, 10 Exofighters work together to make a getaway. In these combat tests, teams secure areas of the map to power up their Exosuits before relying on enhanced armor to break through dinosaur hordes and reach an extraction point.
  • New Gear: A pair of new rigs are on the way to the Hangar! Exofighters can wield the Drone to cause a blinding explosion, or they can teleport into the fray with the Edge Strike and unleash a slash attack. Players will also unlock a variety of new skins, emotes, and other cosmetics with the Season 2 Survival Pass.
  • New Map: The Ocean Platform offers a new combat area set on an offshore Hi-Xol facility. This map features narrow pathways with a lot of verticality, encouraging Exofighters to use equipment suited to the terrain.
  • Seasonal Events: Season 2 will feature Double XP campaigns and special seasonal events where Exofighters can earn holiday-themed skins featuring jack-o’-lanterns and Santa hats.
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