Harvest Moon: One World Gets a Swanky Collector’s Edition

Natsume is teaming up with Limited Run Games to bring fans an impressive collector’s edition for the upcoming Harvest Moon: One World.

Harvest Moon fans (oh yeah, there’s quite a few of us) have something else to look forward to on top of a brand new game in the franchise. Today, the developers have announced a Collector’s Edition coming from the fine people over at Limited Run Games.

The Harvest Moon: One World Collector’s Edition includes a chicken plushie and a music diorama that features an original song, “Spring on the Beach” from the game. The diorama depicts a scene from the game with the male and female main characters and animals set to music. The characters are magnetized and interchangeable. The animals rotate while the music plays.

“Hardcore Harvest Moon fans will not want to miss out on the Harvest Moon: One World Collector’s Edition,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. “Players have been collecting our limited edition plushies for many years, and it’s always fun for us to select and design the plushie for each game. The chicken plushie is an iconic addition for collectors and the music diorama is our special way of celebrating the new feature of a portable farm in Harvest Moon: One World.”

Harvest Moon: One World Collector’s Edition contains:

Harvest Moon: One World Game for Nintendo Switch OR PlayStation 4

Harvest Moon Chicken Plush

Plush Dimensions: 5″ Length x, 4″ Width x 5″ Height

Magnetic Musical Diorama Set

Base Dimensions: 4.5″ Height, 8″ Diameter

This amazing battery-powered diorama includes 5 interchangeable magnetic characters: male main character, female main character, cow, sheep, and chicken! The base of the diorama also features a barn! Simply place the magnetic characters where you like them, and the outer ring of the diorama will rotate when it is turned on. The diorama also plays “Spring on the Beach” when it is turned on, an original song from Harvest Moon: One World!

Harvest Moon: One World launches on Nintendo Switch and PS4 on March 2nd, but pre-orders for this Collector’s Edition go live on January 5th.

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