Limited Run Games Announces Republic Commando Collector’s Editions

The HD Remaster of Republic Commando is arriving next week, but collector’s/physical game lovers also have a new set from Limited Run Games to look forward to!
Limited Run Games is back at it with more Star Wars awesomeness. This time around, they’re giving the physical treatment to the latest classic game to get remastered: Republic Commando. Considering how vital it seems to be these days to have physical copies of games (looking at you PS Store shutting down stuff), fans will definitely want to get their hands on these.

The Star Wars: Republic Commando Collector’s Edition features lots of gorgeous elements such as art cards, a reversible poster, and a SteelBook all housed in an iconic outer box all for $89.99.

On top of the Nintendo Switch and PS4 console versions, PC gamers can also get in on the fun:

Pre-orders for all of these versions will go live on Friday, April 16 at 10 am ET and run for FOUR WEEKS. So you definitely have time to make sure you get your order in on time.

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