New Vampire FPS Tokyo Underground Killer Announced, Coming to PC in 2023

Today, Phoenix Game Productions (Co-Developers of Amid Evil) announced their first original title, Tokyo Underground Killer. This title lets players take control of Kobayashi, a feared “Shinjuku Vampire” who is tasked to take out “Flatliners” that have invaded Tokyo.

This new title looks to be a very fast-paced title that merges all things Cyberpunk, Manga, and Supernatural in one title. Something else that will pull players in is the amazing soundtrack that is being composed by the one and only Andrew Hulshult. If you don’t know, Andrew Hulshult is best known for his music featured in Quake, Doom Eternal, and of course all his collaborations with New Blood Interactive!

The game is not set to release until 2023 and will be exclusive to PC (at least for some time) but when we know more about this title, we will let you know! Find out more details on the game below and watch the announcement trailer!


Dive into the neon-drenched deep underground of Tokyo as Kobayashi, a deadly assassin who harnesses the power of blood energy. Use your sword, mystical abilities and powerful weapons to assassinate highly dangerous maniacs and stop the invasion of the brutal Flatliners terrorizing Tokyo.

・Unrelenting combat forces you to make quick decisions or get slaughtered by your foes
・An arsenal of 13 blood skills, 7 weapons, and an extremely sharp sword is the key to your survival
・Explore a surreal, neon-drenched version of Tokyo, based on real locations like Shinjuku, Akihabara, or Shibuya
・Suck in the blood of your enemies to replenish your health and stay alive a little longer
・A bizarre story brought to life in dynamic manga scenes drawn by Hans “Heavy Metal Hanzo” Steinbach
・Over 1 hour of original electronic music composed by the legendary Andrew Hulshult
・Even the busiest killer needs to relax sometimes – Explore Shinjuku between missions, buy collectibles and goods and use them to decorate your apartment
・A bizarre world filled with crazy characters

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