NHL 24 Deep Dive Details Revamped Presentation

NHL24 is getting a revamped presentation to make scoring goals and big in-game moments even bigger.

Among the changes includes 75 new goal celebrations, new dynamic boards, and enriched crowd interactions which brings the crowd to life like never before. A big change is new Flex Moments which allows the game to focus on these key moments to heighten the excitement.

Something the new trailer kind of brushes over is the fact the new create a player area includes over 1500 new options for teams and colors. This includes new animated gear with light effects in all aspects of the gear, along with some not-so sweater looking designs. The new designs also include no tape sticks and the ability to add cages to any helmet.

An interesting note about dynamic boards is not only do they help with celebrations, but they are full customizable in CHEL mode. You can add logos and design the board yourself so when your team scores you take over the arena. Also worth noting is the boards are a new assistant for players not utilizing sound as they will light up with relevant information such as empty nets, player achievements, or other in-game aspects that are normally announced via audio.

Check out the deep dive below:

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