OlliOlli World Brings Skater Customization to the Game

The developers for OlliOlli World have revealed a new trailer for the game, showing off the many player customization options available!

The style of OlliOlli World is getting even zanier as you’ll be able to design your own character in a number of ways:

The game allows players to be whoever they want to be: body type, skin tone and hair are customizable. Players can define their individual poses and skate tricks to further express their personality.


Players can perfect their look by combining apparels and accessories from a whopping range of styles and gear: Skaters in OlliOlli World can opt for flip-flops to match their camouflage jacket or pair some super-stylish “Face Melter” sunglasses with a fancy retro winter trapper. Or just settle for a fashionable Ice Cream hair style. Hundreds of customization options let players express their individualism to the fullest!

OlliOlli World hits PlayStation 4|5, Xbox consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch this Winter.

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Jordan Maison
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