Pinball FX for the New Generation Set to Arrive This Year

This afternoon, Zen Studios announced that the next iteration of Pinball FX is currently in development for the new generation consoles! 

I’ve talked often about my (inexplicable) love for virtual pinball, and how impressive Zen Studios various platforms/tables are. They always bring the goods and I’m very excited to see what they’re cooking up for the latest consoles.

To kick off their new monthly webseries, The Pinball Show, to announce the next-gen version of Pinball FX. The platform will bring all new action (like a Pinball Royale), even more specialty tables, and is set to debut at some point this year!

Zen’s most ambitious pinball project to date, Pinball FX will introduce Pinball Royale, a frantically exciting multiplayer action mode incorporating battle royale-style gameplay. The game will also feature a new Career mode, challenge modes, a clan system, enhanced visuals and more. Leagues, tournaments and competitive play have been retooled to bring the community together in unique ways, and live events and seasonal content will mean there’s always something new going on. In addition, Zen will introduce original tables featuring brand-new IPs, which will be revealed in the future.

Zen is also launching “The Pinball Show,” an entertaining new source for monthly news, updates, surprises and more on everything pinball from Zen Studios. The first episode is available right now on Zen’s YouTube channel and features a closer look at the upcoming Pinball FX. Subsequent episodes will air once a month throughout the course of the year.

What new virtual Pinball action are you looking forward to this year?

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