Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes Officially Revealed

During this morning’s Pokémon Presents presentation the Pokémon Company made the long-rumored remakes of Diamond and Pearl official.

This year, fans will be heading back to the Sinnoh region when Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl come to the Nintendo Switch. These games look to faithfully recreate the original titles, even bringing on the original director/developer to tackle them!

Personally, I am LOVING the style they’re using for this one. The over the top view evokes that nostalgia of the classic games, while feeling fresh in all the ways that matter. Considering these were the games that really hooked me back into the Pokémon franchise when they hit the DS (I pretty much stopped playing after Gold/Silver), I’m very eager to dive back into these.

No release date yet, but Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are set to launch on the Nintendo Switch later this year (probably the Fall).

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