PS5 Version of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ and New Episode Featuring Yuffie Launching in June

One of the best games of 2020 is finally getting a PlayStation 5 version. Square Enix revealed during Sony’s State of Play a fully optimized version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5. It showed absolutely stunning new scenes, new features, and an episode featuring everyone’s favorite ninja, Yuffie!

As if Final Fantasy VII Remake couldn’t get any better, Square Enix rolled out this new PS5 version, called Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. While it’s unclear why it’s called “Intergrade”, what we do know is that it will feature a ton of new updates and insanely quick loading speeds that could only be included on PS5.

Below is a full list of what’s in store when Intergrade releases this June.

  • Immerse yourself in the city of Midgar like never before, with improved textures, lighting, and background environments.
  • Players can switch between two game modes:
    • “Graphics Mode” prioritizes 4K high-resolution graphics
    • “Performance Mode” prioritizes smooth action at 60 frames per second
  • Capture and share your memorable moments from the game with a fully customizable “Photo Mode”
  • Enjoy immersive battles by using the DualSense wireless controller, with its haptic feedback integration, and enjoy dynamic bike racing with its adaptive triggers.
  • New difficulty settings for ‘Classic Mode’ provide new ways to play
  • Jump into the action faster with optimized loading times

This PS5 updated version of the game won’t be alone, though. A Final Fantasy fan favorite, Yuffie, is getting her own episode as a separate PS5-only DLC. This June, when Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases, the DLC will follow Wuhan ninja Yuffie Kisaragi as she infiltrates the shadowy Shinra Corporation to steal a powerful materia and restore glory to her homeland.

In the original Final Fantasy VII game, Yuffie wasn’t a character that automatically joined your party. Rather, you had to seek her out in Wuhan doing various activities and missions. When she eventually did join the party, she became an invaluable member thanks to her unique abilities, sunny disposition, and a massive shuriken. It’s really cool that Square Enix gave her her own episode and updated her shuriken to have materia slots too.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade will be free for players who already own the PS4 version of the game. However, Yuffie’s DLC can be purchased separate on the same day. Both Integrade and Yuffie’s episode release on June 10, 2021. Pre-orders are available now.

Speaking of free, all 156 tracks of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack will release on Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Apple Music starting tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy VII Remake news