Remaster of Star Wars: Dark Forces Announced by Nightdive Studios

The original Star Wars FPS video game is getting a remaster courtesy of Nightdive Studios!

In huge news for fans of classic Star Wars video games, it’s been announced that the 1995 Star Wars FPS game, Star Wars: Dark Forces, is receiving a remaster from Nightdive Studios. Originally released as a PC game, Dark Forces saw the player controlling Kyle Katarn, who later embraced his destiny as a Jedi in Jedi Knight and and the sequels.

The announcement trailer shows off a number of improvements that are being added to the game and you can see them all in the video below:

Star Wars: Dark Forces is currently in development for all major platforms. There was no release window given, but considering the footage shown was in the pre-alpha stage, it’s likely the next update we get will be sometime in 2024.

What do you think of Star Wars: Dark Forces getting a remaster?

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