Remedy Working With Rockstar To Remake Max Payne 1 And 2

When we talk about Rockstar, so many people ask for the next GTA or how great Red Dead Redemption is. For me? It’s been Max Payne, and now we seem to be getting a return!

Remedy was actually the studio originally behind the original Max Payne titles, before Rockstar took over for Max Payne 3. Now they are returning with a new deal between them and Rockstar to remake the games for consoles and PC.

The deal is Remedy will make a single game that encompasses both titles, powered by the studios Northlight engine. Rockstar on the flip side is fronting the bill for development, production, and advertising. Once Rockstar is paid back for their costs then Remedy will begin making royalties off the game. The budget for the title is stated to be the same as a “big budget title that Remedy is known for.”

The last Max Payne was Max Payne 3 released by Rockstar and published by Take Two, which purchased the franchise rights from Remedy for 10 million dollars.

For those unfamiliar with the studio, Remedy is the studio behind hit games such as Control and Alan Wake. They noted the two franchises were forming a new universe, so it will be interesting to see if Max Payne plays into that at all. Alan Wake 2 is also in production by Remedy.

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