Rockstar’s GTA VI Trailer Is Breaking Records

Rockstar promised to show off the game in early December, and people sure took notice.

GTA VI got its first trailer just a few days ago, but it has already shattered multiple records within hours.

According to the Guinness World Records and Google’s Youtube, GTA IV’s trailer has broken the single day record for both video games, and non video game videos. The trailer had surpassed 90 million views in 24 hours, making it the most watched video game trailer on Youtube, and the most viewed video (non-music) all-time. The second most viewed video (in Non-music / 24 hours) was from Mr. Beast at just under 60 million views.

The trailer also broke the record for most like trailer with 8.6 million likes in 24 hours. The trailer is currently at 114 million views with 9.6 million likes.

It’s not just views that are booming either. The trailer has caused Tom Petty’s song “Love Is A Long Road” to skyrocket on Spotify. The app maker noting the song popularity has grown over 13k percent, with a current total of just over 11 million streams.

Want to check out the trailer again? Yeah so do we:

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