Saints Row Developer Volition Shutting Down

During the Embracer restructure the Saints Row developer being shut down.

Posted on the developers LinkedIn page was the statement seen below announcing the studios closure. The statement reads that due to the restructuring of Embracer, Volition was one of the studios that will be closed by the publisher. Embracer has been buying up several studios and has become one of the largest companies in video games, but due to a recent setback they started closing studios to save money.

Employees at Volition noted that the decision was unexpected and swift. They had a meeting early Thursday morning, and the company was shut down minutes after. They are prepping ways to assist employees in finding new work. Volition, the developers of the Saints Row franchise, had just celebrated 30 years in the business in June.

In one instance this showcases the apparent risk of consolidating the game industry. With one company holding so many pieces and a single deal causing multiple studio closures, it’s rather scary to see such power at the hands of few.

It’s worth noting that with the closure, Deep Silver / Embracer still maintains rights over Saints Row and Red Faction.


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