Scott Pilgrim Game Gets Physical Release From Limited Run!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game returns this month and Limited Run Games has announced a stunning physical Collector’s Edition for fans!

As we (well, myself at least) eagerly await the return of the Scott Pilgrim game, Limited Run Games has announced they’ll be giving the title a physical release as well! The game was digital only and when it was pulled from digital stores fans found themselves unable to play it.

It’s a pitfall of digital only media, so I’m REALLY glad to see this game get a physical release from the folks at Limited Run Games. They always bring the goods when it comes to their products and collector’s editions. From the looks of what they’ve announced, they’re going all out for this one:

Standard Edition ($34.99) – Includes a reversible cover featuring new art from original game artist Mariel Cartwright and series creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, “Leo’s Place” ticket stub and a full-color instruction booklet.

Classic Edition ($54.99) – Includes a Standard Edition game, a deluxe hard clamshell retro box, CD soundtrack from Anamanaguchi, folded overworld map and sticker sheet.

K.O. Edition ($139.99) – Includes the Classic Edition, “Sex Bob-omb” guitar picks, drum sticks, a cassette tape soundtrack, a seven card deluxe high-gloss holofoil trading card set, a hardbound book featuring interviews with developers involved in the game’s creation, production art and reflections on the game’s impact and importance written by Jeremy Parish. All K.O. Edition items will come in an authentic, hinged, hard-shell roadie case box with a 3D pop-up scene that includes working lights and sound.

Even better, they have some other Scott Pilgrim game related merchandise for fans:

Playable Characters Trading Card Pack ($9.99) – Set of seven premium foil cards featuring in-game art of each playable character.

Scott + Wallace Pin Pack ($14.99) – Set of two enamel pins featuring sprite art from the game.

Kim + Stephen Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

Knives + Nega Scott Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

Ramona + Gideon Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

Matthew Patel + Lucas Lee Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

Envy + Linnette Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

Roxanne + Todd Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

The Twins Enamel Pin Pack ($14.99)

Scott Keychain ($9.99)

Ramona Keychain ($9.99 )

Full Pin Collection ($99.99) – A collection of all 16 enamel pins in a special deluxe box.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition T-Shirt ($24.99)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition Zip Hoodie ($36.99)

The game itself launches on January 14th for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, with pre-orders for these physical editions going up next Friday (January 15th). Will you be picking these up?

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