Sony Reveals Dualsense Edge Controllers To Compete With Xbox Elite

Sony revealed a new Dualsense Edge controller today during GamesCom Opening Night.

Sony took to GamesCom to reveal a new fully customizable controller. The new Dualsense Edge controller allows you to completely customize everything according to your playstyle, and save it.

The entire controller can be customized, but some key features include:

Button mapping and fine tuning. You can activate or deactivate buttons for games, along with mapping them to your liking. You can also adjust the deadzones and travel distance of both analog sticks, and the triggers. Pretty handy if you are playing a shooting game and would prefer the travel distance in the trigger to be shorter, for example.

Saved profiles. You are able to fully adjust the controller to your liking and then save the adjustments to a profile on the controller. You can then easily switch between each saved profile for any specific game you are playing.

On controller interface. This allows you to adjust settings mid game, and swiftly change profiles as needed. You also have quick access to adjust other settings like mic volume in chat.

Swappable stick tops and triggers. The controller will have 3 options for stick tops including standard, high dome, and low dome. The triggers will have 2 options including half dome and lever.

Replaceable stick modules. These will be sold separate of the controller itself, but is said to increase the longevity of the controller. This personally is pretty handy considering the major stick drift issue Dualsense controllers have.

The controller of course also has all the standard features of a regular Dualsense controller including haptic feedback. The controller will also come with a special USB-C cable which locks onto the controller so it wont fall out mid game. The controller can also be charge while within the carrying case.

Currently the controller doesn’t have a price or release date, so stick around as more details come!



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