Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate and More in 35th Anniversary Stream

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of Dragon Quest, Square Enix held an event to celebrate the series’ past and future with some epic reveals. Chief among them being the highly-anticipated announcement for Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. More within…

For over three decades, the Dragon Quest franchise has been synonymous with the action adventure RPG genre and is considered one of the top series ever made and the most popular RPG series in Japan.

As it celebrates its 35 years of existence, Square Enix held an event that confirmed that they have no plans of stopping anytime soon, with the announcement of a whopping 6 more Dragon Quest titles. Among them was the long-awaited, highly anticipated announcement of Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.


The announcement trailer didn’t show much outside of the title for the next game. However, the series creator Yuji Horii did hint that The Flames of Fate could see a change in the traditional turn-based battle system. Square Enix is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release for Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.

Although, there was no time-table revealed for Dragon Quest XII nor what systems it will debut on but it’s exciting to know it’s in development, nonetheless.

The Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary event also revealed a remake of Dragon Quest III using the HD-2D style similar to that of Octopath Traveler. It is set for a worldwide release.

Square Enix also announced a new RPG using characters from 2017’s critically acclaimed Dragon Quest XI. The game is called Dragon Quest Treasures, players play as treasure hunters, searching for buried treasure all across the world of Dragon Quest XI, while fending off pirates like the skeletal pirate shown in the reveal trailer. Dragon Quest Treasures is also set for a worldwide release.

Another reveal from the Dragon Quest event  delivered latest major update to the popular Dragon Quest MMO in Japan, Dragon Quest X. Additionally, an offline version of Dragon Quest X, dubbed Dragon Quest X Offline, was announced.

Dragon Quest X Heaven: Heroes of the Stars Online

Dragon Quest X Offline


Finally, a new Dragon Quest mobile puzzle game was also announced through a pretty stunning cinematic trailer. It’s called Dragon Quest Keshikeshi.

Overall, the event was a wonderful tribute to 35 years of Dragon Quest greatness. At a time where both Mario and Zelda franchises have been celebrating their 35th anniversaries, Square Enix managed to blow them out of the water by delivering a slew of new games and content announcements that honor the past, present, and future of the franchise.

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