‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ Gets an October 2022 Release Date

We finally know when the next entry in the beloved Star Ocean series, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, will launch. During a livestream, Square Enix revealed that the game would release on October 27, 2022 with a brand new trailer.

A New Chapter in the Star Ocean Series Will Launch on October 27, 2022 featuring a story that blends fantasy and sci-fi. STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE offers a plethora of playable characters and side stories to explore and a unique battle system promising thrilling fights using simple and instinctive controls.

Accompanying the release date trailer was the first Mission Report for the game, focusing primarily on Main Characters and Combat.

While I wasn’t initially impressed by graphics, the combat for Star Ocean: The Divine Force looks solid. It’s got the free-flowing combat style that Square Enix loves, but there are ways to stop the combat and strategize. Seems like a nifty feature.

However, what thrills me even more is the fact that the game will feature two different perspectives based on which character you choose to follow, Raymond or Laeticia. I love it when you can witness the same story from a different perspective. It’s a lost art in games. So I’m happy to see it here.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force launches on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam on October 27, 2022.

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