Take a Tour of Boletaria in the 12-Minute Demon’s Souls PS5 State of Play

This morning, Sony surprised gamers with a Special Saturday State of Play. This edition focused on one of the PlayStation 5‘s highest anticipated launch titles, Demon’s Souls. In the video, Creative Director on the Demon’s Souls remake Gavin Moore gives us a brief tour of the game’s world, Boletaria.

During the video, Moore does an excellent job of explaining all of the ways in which this new Demon’s Souls captures the essence of what made it a beloved PS3 title, even going so far as to use the original code to make the game. However, he also discusses how they capitalized on the power of the PlayStation 5 to improve gameplay, customization, and visuals.

Demon’s Souls will have two ways to play, Performance Mode at 60fps and a Cinematic Mode, which plays the game at true 4K, but at 30fps. The video shown during today’s State of Play showed off what Performance Mode would look like and man it was stunning.

It was just so amazing to be able to see all the realms of Boletaria and hear the incredible score updated for PlayStation 5. Also, we got to see iconic bosses like the Flamelurker and the Dirty Colossus! What more could you want?

Demon’s Souls launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 November 12, 2020.