The Doom Slayer Has Some Back Up, In The Ancient Gods Part II DLC Teaser

The time has finally come. . .The Trailer for DOOM ETERNAL’S THE ANCIENT GOD’s DLC Part II is coming this Wednesday. As said in my original DOOM ETERNAL review:

DOOM Eternal is something pretty special, not only did we get a fantastic game with an amazing story, we got one of the best DOOM titles ever made.

This is by far the best FPS title I have played in recent years and is at the top of my list for Game of The Year. The love that iD software has poured into DOOM Eternal is something like I have never seen before from any dev team out there. iD and Bethesda truly love the DOOM franchise but love their fans more and DOOM Eternal is the perfect example of that.

You can check out my full review here, but I have to say this is the most excited I have been for a DLC in a very long time! With the recent Xbox / Bethesda news still fresh on our minds, this is the game you should play to make you understand what Xbox fans are in for with the talent Bethesda has to offer!

In the teaser trailer, we see the Doom Slayer finally has his army back, but it seems like the Dark Lord of Hell has some backup as well! Not only will the mass amount of demons return, but this time it seems they are armored up to take on The Slayer. Though they look to be a bit tougher to take down this time, we all know that nothing will stop The Slayer from taking down The Dark Lord and sending him and his demonic horde back to hell!

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