The Music for Horse Club Adventures: Complete Collection is Perfect for Relaxing

Recently, Cinelinx’s resident musicologist had the chance to check out the soundtrack for Horse Club Adventures: Complete Collection and found it completely delightful.

Just recently I was invited to check out the soundtrack for Horse Club Adventures: Complete Collection, which was released for the Nintendo Switch this past June. The soundtrack has been very well received, winning multiple awards including two GOLDs in the NYX Game Awards (Best Music for a Nintendo Switch Game, Best Original Game Soundtrack), and three Global Music Awards (Best Folk, Best Composer, Best Album).

Horse Club Adventures is described as follows:

Visit the famous Lakeside Riding Stable and experience thrilling vacations full of adventure together with Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, Sofia and their horses! Horse Club Adventures carries you off to the wonderful world that revolves around the Lakeside Riding Stable. Together with Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, Sofia and their horses, you experience lots of thrilling adventures! There is an amazing amount to discover in this open world game.

The soundtrack was composed by Winifred Phillips, a a BAFTA-nominated composer whose credits include titles in seven of the most well-known franchises in gaming: Assassin’s Creed, God of War, Lineage, LittleBigPlanet, The Sims, Total War, and Wizardry.

I wasn’t all that familiar with Horse Club Adventures before checking out the soundtrack, but after listening to the music I can see why the soundtrack has been so well received. The music is absolutely delightful to listen to. It’s a relaxing blend that sounds exactly like the type of music you’d expect to hear when going for a ride with your favorite horse. It’s good music for playing in the background while you’re working on other projects as well.

The music is primarily strings and woodwinds and it’s all presented at a gentle tempo, the perfect background music for a game of this type. Whether you’re a fan of the games or not, you will enjoy listening to the music for Horse Club Adventures.

If you’d like to check out this music for yourself, it’s available via two albums (entitled Joyful Folk and Gentle Folk), which are now available on the Amazon store.

Horse Club Adventures: Complete Collection is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.


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