The Super Mario RPG Remake Continues to Look Gorgeous in New Trailer

The new and improved Super Mario RPG got another trailer during the Nintendo Direct, showing off how it looks while highlighting some new features.

In case there was any doubt, Super Mario RPG continues to look impressive. Seriously, I’m loving the updated style here that still fits in line with the original SNES game. It’s just…so pretty. Couple that with some new combat mechanics, and this remake is definitely one to pick up this Fall:

The Super NES game is back with updated graphics and new features. Mario and Bowser form an unprecedented alliance to take on a fearsome foe, and joining them are Princess Peach and original characters Mallow and Geno. In battle, time your button presses with Action Commands to increase damage dealt or decrease damage received. Now when you time your attacks perfectly, you can damage all enemies at once. Successful Action Commands will fill the Action Gauge that, when full, will unleash a three-character Triple Move. The Triple Move changes based on your current party, so try out different combos. Just like the original game, you’ll encounter bosses with colorful personalities in your adventure. This time, once you clear the game, you can challenge some of them again – but these powered-up bosses won’t be easy!

Super Mario RPG hits Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2023 with pre-orders available now in Nintendo eShop and at select retailers.

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