Bring Back the 80s and Blow Stuff Up With The Cinelinx Card Game’s New Expansion Decks

Since our successful Kickstarter for the initial Cinelinx Card Game, we’ve constantly worked to keep it the best game for movie lovers to play.  With three other expansion packs, the launch of the game on mobile devices, thousands of movie fans have been playing the game for the last few years.  Today, we’re looking to expand the game once more with not one, but TWO brand new decks to make the core game even more exciting/challenging: The 80s and Blockbusters (70s-2017).

Both of these expansions will come with 54 cards centered around these important eras in film that integrate seamlessly into the main game (and will even fit in our BIG BOX); but we need your help to make them happen.  Once again we’re turning to Kickstarter, where it all began for us, to help raise funds to print and ship the new expansions.  

Best of all, the development/ideas for the expansions is already complete, which means the turnaround time for the expansions will be relatively minimal.  As such, when you help fund/back our Kickstarter, you can rest easy knowing the work has been put into it already.  

We launched the Kickstarter campaign this morning and have already seen some positive responses to it.  However, it’s not over, until it’s over, and there are some great Early Bird rewards still available.  Don’t miss out on the chance to make your favorite movie card game even better and help us along the way.