Explore the Lifestyles of the Brick and Famous

If there’s one thing LEGO knows best, it’s how to have fun, even at their own expense.  The LEGO world is rife with parody, and that’s why these little animated shorts they’ve been doing (check out their Ninja Warrior one as well), are so fun to watch.  Today brings about another, giving a glimpse at their new Airport set: 

A sneak peek into the lives of A-List LEGO Minifigures and their VIP lifestyle. From rim spinning limos to private jets overflowing with cash, the hottest music and personal tanning booths, these Minifigures know how to live the life. Watch them travel from private islands to exclusive resorts as they give us a taste for what it’s like to be famous, in this fun music video. Then bring home the fun with the LEGO City Airport VIP Service set.


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Jordan Maison
Editor-in-Chief: Writer and cartoonist who went to college for post-production, he now applies his love of drawing, movie analysis, filmmaking, video games, and martial arts into writing.