Geek Pick of the Week: LEGO Star Wars Quad Jumper

Sure, all eyes are currently looking ahead to The Last Jedi, and the slew of recent toy releases surrounding that, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about some of the other LEGO Star Wars sets that launched earlier this year.  The Jakku Quad Jumper (briefly glimpsed in the film before being blown to pieces) is one of the mid-sized LEGO sets, but packed with tons of fun for kids and collectors alike.  

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One of the best things about the recent LEGO Star Wars sets have been the inclusion of cool new functions within the playset, and even though it’s a “smaller” set than some of the others, the Quad Jumper has some neat things going on.  First and foremost, it has the stud blaster, a little mechanism that actually fires off tiny (one peg) studs.  It’s a small thing, and included in many LEGO sets in general, but makes for some fun play time as you zoom around and shoot down the minifigures.  

Far and away, however, the coolest feature on this particular set, is the explosion function.  With the press of a button the four big engines on the set will “explode” off the main body of the ship, recreating it’s demise from the film.  The pieces come off intact, making them easy to put back on and continue playing.  During some epic dog fights with my boys (who used the Rogue One TIE Striker), any time they scored a hit on my Quad Jumper, I’d ‘blow up’ and it was a blast.  

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If you’re not playing with it and it’s fun built-in functions, it looks great on the shelf next to the other Jakku related sets they’ve released.  All in all, if you’re looking for a great LEGO set, that’s not too expensive, the Quad Jumper is an excellent choice (regardless who’s on your shopping list) this Holiday season.  


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