Hasbro Reveals New Carbonized Black Series Figures From The Mandalorian

Star Wars collectors who enjoyed the “Carbonized” line of Black Series figures will have more to look forward to next yet.

I fully admit that I’m a sucker for pretty much anything Star Wars Black Series. Aside from a couple convention exclusives, I’ve got the entire 6-inch line. The figures I love the most, however, are when Hasbro does something different with them. This includes those strange Holiday figures as well as the Carbonized line.

I get it, I know that they’re only re-issued figures with a sparkling new finish. I just don’t care. I think they’re pretty damn neat. As such, I’m excited to see Hasbro is making even more of them.

These three figures are all based off The Mandalorian and also get the swanky new packaging details as well. Sadly we’ll have to wait until next year (2022) to get our hands on these, all of which will be Target exclusives.

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