Jurassic Park Gets the Funko Pop! Treatment

Stop dusting off the fossilized 6-foot turkey and pop some champagne because Funko has an John Hammond-esque announcement you’ll need to incredulously take your aviators off to see.


Welcome to…Jurassic Park Funko Pop!s!

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I will say, as much as I love these Pop!s and will most likely buy them, I am disappointed that Samuel L. Jackson‘s John Arnold is no where to be found. He could’ve at least been in a lab coat, smoking a cigarette, maybe holding his arm.  What about the blood-sucking lawyer sitting on a toilet?  Or an electrified Tim and his concerned sister?  There are so many Jurassic Park moments to choose from!

Nevertheless, Funko has adapted some of our favorite characters from Jurassic Park into their famous collectibles, Pop!, in honor of the 25th Anniversary of one of the greatest films of all-time.  While, smoldering wounded Dr. Ian Malcom can only be found at Target and the man that coined, “Nu uh uh you didn’t say the magic word” Dennis Nedry & his pal Dilophosaurus will only be at Entertainment Earth, the rest will found wherever Funko Pop!s are sold this February.

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