Latest Star Wars Toy Reveals Bring More Vader, Troopers, and Starkiller

During a “FanStream” this morning, Hasbro revealed a few new Star Wars action figures across their Vintage Collection and Black Series lines!

This morning brought some new Star Wars reveals from the Hasbro team during a special live-stream. On top of getting a fresh look at some previous “pipeline reveals” today also brought more Clone Wars and Return of the Jedi anniversary goodness, a sleek looking Star Wars Celebration exclusive, and yes, plenty of troopers:

Let’s look at the Star Wars Celebration exclusive first. This new Vader figure is based on the old Revenge of the Jedi poster that launched before the name of the film was officially changed, and gives the Dark Lord a swanky red color scheme. This will be exclusive to attendees at Star Wars Celebration Europe kicking off on April 7th.

Sticking with Black Series, we’ve got a few new figures to ooh and ahh over. Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi is finally joining the line in Spring 2024, allowing fans to continue fleshing out their Council figures. An Endor Rebel Trooper will be launching this Summer as part of the ROTJ Anniversary line, and includes swappable faces (much like the Hoth Rebel from the ESB set). Lastly, there’s Phase II Clone Commander Jesse who will also be arriving this Summer as a Wal-Mart exclusive.

On the Vintage Collection side of things, fans got a little bit more today. There’s a new removable helmet Darth Vader figure (even a detachable arm!) coming to Hasbro Pulse exclusively this Summer. Other Return of the Jedi TVC figures coming this Summer (to all retailers) is a new Han Solo, Weequay, and Admiral Piett!

On top of that, collector’s can add Clone Captain Howzer to the line, along with a Phase II Clone Trooper from Andor (yes, Andor) both of which are set to arrive this Summer. We also got our first actual look at the new Starkiller figure based on The Force Unleashed game which will get here at some point this Spring.

Troop builders have another neat four-pack to pick up from Hasbro Pulse and Shop Disney this Summer, with a new Phase II Clone Trooper pack that is based on members of the 212th legion!

The Mandalorian himself is joining the “prototype” line of retro figures that will be available exclusively to Targets this Spring.

Finally, those fans/collectors who love picking up the replica helmets are finally getting a Scout Trooper helmet this Summer! I’m not big on these helmets myself (I barely have room for the figures I have), but I’ve always been a sucker for the Scout Trooper look and excited to see it make the jump to this line.

No word on pre-orders for any of these yet, but which new reveals are you most excited about picking up?

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