LEGO Unveils First ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Themed LEGO Set

D&D and Lego fans rejoice: A Dungeons and Dragons themed LEGO set is being released next month!

Today the LEGO Group unveils the LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set, a fan-designed brick representation of the iconic table-top game. Released in the year DUNGEONS & DRAGONS turns 50, this is the first time the LEGO Group has developed a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS set and to do so they turned to their fans to create the design, via a challenge on the LEGO Ideas platform. The set will be available for LEGO Insiders on April 1, 2024 and for all on April 4, 2024.

Based on a brief co-developed by the Wizards of the Coast team, over 600 LEGO fans submitted DUNGEONS & DRAGONS inspired designs, but the winner was 23-year-old Lucas Bolt (known as BoltBuilds) from Amsterdam who created his version of the game in LEGO bricks.  Lucas then worked closely with LEGO Design team, to develop the unique setting represented in the final set.  In addition, the Wizards of the Coast team developed a bespoke adventure for the set.

The 3,745-piece set is incredibly detailed featuring a tavern with a removable roof, so you can see inside to the upper level. The set also features a dungeon and a tower. Also included are six LEGO minifigures – Orc Rogue, Gnome Fighter, Elf Wizard and Dwarf Cleric, plus brick-built monsters, such as a beholder, an owlbear and a displacer beast. Also featured is the giant Cinderhowl red dragon that builders can wrap around the tower.

Fans can also get a specially created DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure book, created in partnership by Wizards of the Coast and the LEGO Group, to offer a completely new and unique play experience. Available for LEGO Insiders as a free digital download, or as a paperback book for 2,700 Insider points (whilst stocks last). The book is also available at D&D Beyond along with character sheets, a digital dice and more.

Will you be picking up the Dungeons & Dragons LEGO set next month?

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