Let’s Build LEGO’s Lord of the Rings: Rivendell Set | Part 1

In our latest ‘Playing With My Toys’ video, we’re putting the Fellowship together to build LEGO’s massive new The Lord of the Rings set.

I love both LEGO and Lord of the Rings, so the two together is always a surefire bet for good times. LEGO recently started making new sets based on the iconic films, and among their first releases is the absolutely MASSIVE Rivendell set.

Coming in at a little over 6,100 pieces, the new release already sits among the largest official LEGO sets ever produced…and you can feel it. The toy company were kind enough to send me this mega playset and due to it’s size, we’re going to have to break this build/review into multiple parts. Check out Part 1 right here:

My goal here is to try and knock this down over three parts, but frankly…it might end up even more than that! Seriously, this thing is huge and even the section I did consists of one of the smallest parts on it.

It’s wild, but also a whole lot of fun to put together. The sheer amount of detail that goes into this set, and even just on this one section, is impressive. On this part, I was particularly impressed with the stonework statues at the base of the tower. They way it comes together makes everything feel tight and sturdy, even as it uses some neat tricks to come together. All in all, I can’t wait to see what this thing looks like when it’s all put together.

LEGO’s The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set is available now, directly from the LEGO store for $499.

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