Mondo Gives Spider-Man the Mecha Treatment With New Figures

Mondo has revealed a first look at a pair of new Spider-Man themed figures to go with original Manga stories about giant mechs.

Ever wondered what it would be like to see Marvel’s heroes jump into gigantic robots to fight crime? Well, wonder no more! Mondo’s new set of collectibles, which they’ve been developing for the past three years, brings that idea to life with oversized collectible figures.

While Captain America and Black Panther will get the same treatment, today brings our first look at their debut figure (and it’s variant): Spider-Man!

Spider-Man Mecha
Peter Parker jumps into the 100-foot Spider-Man Mecha to battle giant sized intergalactic threats! Join in the battle by collecting your very own figure replica of Peter’s famed Mecha. With over 30 points of articulation, many accessories including a web shield, web attacks and two swords. This 10-inch replica is the perfect way to show your support to the cause and take the fight to those giant sized threats! All in the comfort of your living room.

Two Mecha suits available to collect:
Spider-Man Mecha ($160)
Spider-Man Mecha Symbiote — Limited Edition ($170)

Design: Remy Paul
Sculptor: Jay Kushwara
Paint design and paint prototyping: Hector Arce and Mark Bristow
Art Direction: Hector Arce and Mike Bonanno
Story by: Tim Wiesch
Packaging illustration: Gabe Luque
Packaging design: Mike Bonanno

You know I’m also down for giant robots and kaiju action. What’s really cool is that each of these figures will come with all new original manga stories featuring these superhero robots in action.

Late in the early 23rd Century mankind took its first real steps onto the galactic stage. A new Plasma Engine technology had made the exploration of the furthermost limits of the Milky Way achievable within an incredibly short amount of time. And explore they did. Within the span of just two generations humankind would call hundreds of planets home. To protect all of these new expeditions, the Governments of Earth created an elite space fighting force known as MECHA where only the best of the best are given the opportunity to pilot the most incredible force in the galaxy. But in those outer reaches of space, an unknown terror was emerging. Merchant vessels and military ships alike were found abandoned or, even worse, with no survivors throughout the galaxy in a rapidly accelerating pattern. Across all known space the Mecha are on high alert but without concrete evidence of what they should be looking for very little has been done to protect the space travelers. That is about to change…

Spider-Man is the first Marvel character to get the Mondo Mecha treatment, with Black Panther and Captain America next in line ready to throw down with city-stomping kaiju.

The Spider-Man figures are available for pre-order now directly from Mondo.