New LEGO Star Wars Helmets Celebrate The Clone Wars and Return of the Jedi

LEGO has revealed three new Star Wars sets in their “helmet” line for fans/collectors to pick up; including two iconic Clones and Leia’s classic disguise.

With the 20th anniversary of Clone Wars being celebrated this year, along with the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, Star Wars fans are going to have their hands full this year. This week, LEGO revealed some all new helmets that are set to launch on March 1st.

Revealed ahead of Nuremberg Toy Fair, the LEGO Group has announced two new additions to its popular series of Star Wars helmet building sets, both linked to the 20th anniversary of the Clone Wars – those events in the Star Wars galaxy which kicked off in the 2002 film Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and continued in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


LEGO® Star Wars fans will soon be able to join the Grand Army of the Republic by building the instantly recognisable helmet models of Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody, two iconic heroes from the Clone Wars as they arrive in two new sets for fans, available from March 1st.

The 854-piece set based on Captain Rex’s helmet captures the iconic blue trim and range-finder of the 501st battalion’s clone captain, one of the most famous characters in the animated series The Clone Wars and second-in-command to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.


Clone Commander Cody’s helmet is recreated in a new 766-piece set, bringing to life the striking orange detailing of the helmet that appeared prominently in many episodes of The Clone Wars, with Clone Commander Cody standing alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi as another commanding officer of the 212th clone battalion.

Each set is highly detailed and features printed nameplates of each character, making them perfect collectables for any LEGO Star Wars fan and the perfect build-to-display models.

All of these are set to launch on March 1, 2023 for $69.99 with pre-orders live now.

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