Sideshow Reveals Impressive new Batman 1989 Collectibles

On the heels of seeing Keaton don the cowl once again in The Flash trailer, Sideshow/Hot Toys have revealed new collectibles based on the 1989 Batman film.

Once more, Sideshow is testing my resolve to only pick up Star Wars toys/collectibles. Today, they’ve revealed stunning new scaled figures based on Tim Burton’s classic film, Batman. Seriously, these look all kinds of impressive. Considering Michael Keaton returns as the iconic hero in The Flash, this reveal couldn’t be more perfectly timed.

The Batman (1989) 1/6 Scale Figure has a detailed, hand-painted headsculpt featuring a stunning likeness of Michael Keaton in the titular role. It comes with three interchangeable faceplates for a range of realistic expressions, as well as integrating Hot Toys’ innovative rolling eyeball function — allowing collectors to adjust the figure’s gaze for a greater degree of realism and posing potential.


The Batman (1989) 1/6 Scale Figure is dressed in a finely tailored Batsuit with the iconic Batman logo on the chest, a utility belt, and a cape. Batman’s accessories include a speargun / grapple, a grapple gun gauntlet with line launcher, a Batarang with rope, two ninja wheels, three smoke capsules, a Batmobile remote, a detonator, and more!

And that’s not all! Hot Toys also unveiled a special Batman (1989) Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure (sold separately) that comes with all of the accessories seen above, as well as a specially designed Gotham Cathedral rooftop diorama, allowing fans to recreate the dramatic final fight scene!

Pre-orders for these are live right now directly from Sideshow, but they STILL have more awesomeness for fans. They’re going whole-hog for collectors and also releasing a stunning Batmobile replica!

The Batmobile, Batman’s custom mode of transport, is more than just a car. Faster and more powerful than any other vehicle on Gotham’s streets, it also houses a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets, and can be summoned remotely.


Inspired by the iconic Batmobile in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989), this new 1/6 Scale Collectible by Hot Toys is a true movie masterpiece, with expertly applied slick black paint and screen-accurate intricate details. Perfectly scaled to pair with the Batman (1989) 1/6 Scale Figure, it features light-up headlights, taillights, jet engine, and dashboard panel.


The Batmobile also has sliding canopy doors, rotating and adjustable wheels, side chassis-mounted “shin-breakers,” articulated machine guns, and Batdisc launchers. The fuel tank door can also be opened to reveal interior details. Accessories include Batdiscs, grappling hooks, and a specially designed rotating base.

Pre-orders for the Batmobile are live now as well. All in all, Batman collector’s have some pretty sweet stuff on the horizon.

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